"Enter the unquenchable worshipper. This world is full of fragile loves - love that abandons, love that fades, love that divorces, love that is self-seeking. But the unquenchable worshipper is different. From a heart so amazed by God and His wonders burns a love that will not be extinguished. It survives any situation and lives through any circumstance. It will not allow itself to be quenched, for that would heap insult on the love it lives in response to."
-Matt Redman, The Unquenchable Worshipper


Worship at Palm Vista is multi-faceted and diverse because Palm Vista's congregation is multi-faceted and diverse.

Our 8:00 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. Sunday services, called our "Classic" services, feature an assortment of hymns, well known modern praise, and special music. The volume level is generally lower in this service than at our 11:00 service, and the focal instrument is the piano - most often acompanied by a flute, an acoustic guitar, a bass guitar, and drums.

Our 11:00 Sunday morning service, called our "Modern" service, features guitar driven contemporary worship. You'll hear a lot of songs from such artists as Matt Redman, Chris Tomlin, and David Crowder, as well a wide assortment of others. Our worship is always heartfelt, well thought out, and well done by very talented musicians.

Palm Vista also has a talented youth band which leads worship for our Sunday night youth events. The youth band is just what you'd expect a youth band to be - volume knob turned up, high-energy, and fun - but they also do a great job of bringing our youth to a place of true worship.

Combine all of that with a church choir that sings occasionally at our early services, a rotation of multiple talented musicians and singers with very diverse skill sets, Christmas and Easter cantatas, a Drama ministry, and the ocassional Friday or Saturday night concert put on by various visiting Christian artists, and we've practically run the gamut of Christian worship.

Despite all of this variety, however, our church remains united in our desire to worship God "in Spirit and in Truth". It is our purpose in every worship service to place God first and foremost. Whether singing the oldest hymn or the newest chorus, our intention remains the same - to humble ourselves, to give God all that we are, and to worship Him wholeheartedly because He alone is worthy of our praise.

Palm Vista Worship Vision

Worship at Palm Vista has four-fold purpose:
  1. Direction: Seeking the presence of God through worship
    - allowing worship to be a medium through which God's Spirit moves in our meetings and directs our hearts.
  2. Unification and Momentum: To bring believers from every background into one voice, one song
    - singing well loved worship together.
  3. Passion and Energy: To give new forms of worship to God's people, new ways in which to express heartfelt praise
    - singing new songs that ignite new love for Christ.
  4. Evangelism: To reach the unchurched by voicing the Truth in simple, heart-piercing ways
    - allowing the Spirit of God to move by voicing His Truth in order to reach the lost.
Worship, being a medium through which all believers may unite, is uniquely suited to be at the core of what we do at Palm Vista.

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Welcome to Palm Vista Southern Baptist Church of Surprise, Arizona. we are a family oriented, multi-generational church with people from all walks of life coming together to worship Christ, give glory to God, and study His word as given to us through the Bible.